TNC Community is governed by a volunteer board of directors who reflect a diverse group of backgrounds and age groups with a wide variety of skills including financial, communications, legal, human resources, development and strategic planning. Moreover, they display a passion and willingness to support the vision and mission of the agency.

Doug Hall, Chair-Person
Musselman & Hall

Jerry Cornell, Vice Chair-Person
Community Member

Tonya Simmons, Secretary
Central Bank of the Midwest

Kelly McGillis, Ex-Officio
TNC Community

Dana Chatlin
The Farmer’s House

Curtis Elliott
TNC Community-Supported Individual

Tom Reichert
Community Member

Amanda Kumma-Reeves

Alan Flory
Community Member

Gary Schneiders

Latina Shelby
TNC Community-Supported Individual

Gino Taylor
Truman Medical Center

Billy Wilkinson
TNC Community-Supported Individual