We champion equity and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, inspiring lives of dignity, belonging, and joy.

An open-hearted community where individuals of all abilities are celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions

TNC Community’s core values reflect essential elements that have undergirded the mission and work of our organization since our founding in 1949, and continue to guide the agency’s growth and operations throughout internal transitions and external change.

  • Loving Care
    • The bonds TNC staff develop with those we support are key to ensuring
      each individual’s needs are understood and met.
    • Our mission-motivated staff is committed to advocating and caring for
      our special individuals.
  • Home
    • We support individuals in their homes, where their interests and preferences
      are paramount.
    • We provide care in homes that are part of neighborhoods and environments
      where individuals can experience community.
    • Staff cultivate a family atmosphere that emphasizes joy and interdependence.
  • Respect
    • We support individuals by offering them safe choices so they can experience
      as much independence as possible.
    • Each individual’s care, activities, and goals are based on their unique input,
      needs, and desires.
    • Staff benefit from an open-door policy with all levels of management.
  • Excellence
    • All TNC Team members maintain training and certifications that equip us to provide the highest quality service to our individuals.
    • To serve our clients’ high level of need, TNC’s team includes dedicated Personal Support Attendants, Health Services Coordinators, CNAs, and RNs to ensure comprehensive, timely personal and medical care.
    • TNC is accredited through CARF.
  • Reliability
    • Our individuals depend on us for everyday and urgent needs.
    • Staff in TNC homes are awake and caring for our individuals 24-hours-a-day.
    • Expert staff and services are on-call for acute needs around the clock.

We believe all persons associated with TNC Community should advocate for the removal of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, financial, employment, communication, transportation, community integration, and any other barriers to persons receiving our services. TNC Community complies with all Title VI mandates. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin.