Resilience Leads to Growth for TNC

Just 1 year after the onset of COVID-19, TNC is expanding to serve 33% more individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This month we started supporting 4 more people in 2 new ISL homes, and contracted to serve 10 individuals through an independent living program.

Pandemic restrictions affected everything we do at TNC. Stringent safety protocols became the norm. Visits, outings, and day programs shut down. Providers cancelled routine health appointments and hospitals stopped admitting people who regularly relied on in-patient care.

In response, TNC quickly contracted with virtual and on-site providers to meet healthcare needs. We created incentives to appreciate staff who were called on to cover an unprecedented number of extra shifts as we followed the strictest guidance for quarantining and recovery. Finally, the moment vaccine clinics could be scheduled, TNC secured dates. (Now 82% of TNC-supported individuals (all who were eligible) and more than 40% of staff are fully vaccinated.)

TNC also seized opportunities to acquire a CARES Act PPP Loan, secured the loan’s forgiveness, and completed a remodel that created space to safely quarantine/treat our individuals. The totality of TNC’s efforts did more than achieve our #1 goal—to maintain our individuals’ health and safety—it strengthened our foundation and spurred the growth we are experiencing today.

At the end of December 2020, TNC was serving 44 individuals in 10 group/ISL homes. As of March 2021, we are serving 58 people in 12 homes and 1 new program, while seeking more staff and locations to meet additional demand from the community.

The individuals we support are the heart of TNC Community, and we continuously adapt to meet each of their unique needs—as well as the challenges we face together—so they can live safe, healthy, and happy lives.