TNC Direct-Care Staff Are AWESOME!

Executive Director Kelly McGillis welcomed TNC employees to the first company-wide gathering in more than a year on May 18, 2021: “I’m so happy we can gather in the same space as a team, and I’m grateful for everything you have done to keep the individuals we support safe, healthy, and happy as we’ve navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Enthusiasm grew throughout all-staff gatherings as Value Awards were presented, small groups collaborated with board members to share plans and ideas, and agency-wide success stories were shared.

Staff and Board President Doug Hall collaborate to define values.

TNC staff and board members collaborate to explore defining the organization’s core values.

Value Award Honorees

Joyce Dixon was honored for creating a respectful work environment by strengthening communication within the TNC Team.

Lloyd Stilwell was honored for the respect he shows the individuals he supports and everyone with whom he interacts.

Albert Funjong was honored for the great kindness he shows TNC individuals when he is feeding them a meal, changing their garments, and engaging them in conversation.

Additional Honorees:

Loving Care

  • Jackie Burns, personal support attendant
  • Albert Funjong, personal support attendant
  • Natalie Ragan, personal support attendant
  • Chika Silver-Brown, personal support attendant, lead


  • Harley Brown, health services coordinator
  • Joyce Dixon, personal support attendant, lead
  • Alyssa Quintrell, personal support attendant
  • Lloyd Stilwell, personal support attendant


  • Denise Beck, qualified developmental disability professional
  • Choco Gbomina, personal support attendant
  • Kimmy Loboda, human resources specialist


  • Tina Boyd, personal support attendant
  • Donna Davidson, personal support attendant
  • Cheryl Ellis, residential support supervisor
  • Coco Walker, personal support attendant


  • Tesfay Berhane, personal support attendant
  • Ginni Gilgour, administrative assistant
  • Serge Ngounou, personal support attendant, lead
  • Nurudeen Owodunni, programs manager
  • Aggrey Seemani, personal support attendant
  • Tom Wagner, maintenance specialist